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GfK Gesellschaft für Kreditversicherungsservice

GfK Gesellschaft für Kreditversicherungsservice mbH was founded in 1994 as an independent specialist broker in the field of credit management. It focused on the areas of credit insurance, suretyship insurance and fidelity insurance.

GfK Gesellschaft für Kreditversicherungsservice International mbH was founded in 2001 and primarily serves all customers who are based outside Germany, as well as all customers with international interdependencies and subsidiaries.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers and the growing need for financing, we expanded our product portfolio at an early stage to include factoring, fine trading, leasing and currency transfer and hedging. On current occasions, we have expanded the suretyship insurance product to include the hedging of cyber risks.

What our company, GfK, stands for:

• Honesty and respect
• Enthusiasm and passion
• Technical expertise, including the required licenses
• Team player, together with our international partners, we have an entrepreneurial presence in the market
• Quality of service, experience and financial strength
• Sustainability and a place in our heart for the environment and for social projects

Our products

We support your company in debtor management according to our motto:
“We already have solutions to problems that have not yet arisen”


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Service is our passion

We have had our own claims department for many years. In addition, we offer services in the area of credit management as well as intensive training and seminars for a wide range of topics – in today’s world, these are mostly conducted as webinars. Our annual “Highlight” seminar, and the “Harbour Days” as a face-to-face seminar.



GfK claims service

We support you in claims settlement in the areas of commercial credit insurance and fidelity insurance.


Preliminary examination of the claim documents

On request, we will carry out a complete preliminary check of the claim documents for you. Among other things, we check whether the contractual obligations have been complied with.


Possibility of compensation for lost goodwill

We check for you whether an application for compensation of lost goodwill makes sense and contact your insurer for you.

Kennen Sie schon unsere Schulungen & Seminare?

Unsere Schulungen und Seminare sind exklusiv für unsere Kunden und Kooperationspartner, unsere Messen und Ausstellungen auch für potenzielle Interessenten.

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Social – We are happy to help

Social commitment is a matter of course for us. It is very important for us to give something back to people in the long term. We support projects from the areas of nature, life and culture, and we also promote sport.

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