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Using financial room for manoeuvre

Leasing is a special form of renting or leasing. However, this is not a standard rental agreement, but a financing model. A leasing object is financed by a lessor and handed over to the lessee against payment of a monthly instalment.

Our service

With our many years of market experience, we will guide you (…)

Your advantage

Calculable, Flexibility, Value added tax, Liquidity, Balance sheet neutrality

Our service

With our many years of market experience, we will guide you through the entire process of finding the right financing partner for you, depending on the type of capital good and the size of the investment. We pay particular attention to special products such as sale-and-lease-back or IT, hardware and software leasing.

Your advantage

  • Calculable
    The leasing instalments are fixed over the leasing period, irrespective of changes in interest rates or rating figures, which serves as a secure basis for calculation, especially for long-term financing terms.
  • Flexibility
    The lessee decides only shortly before the end of the contract whether he wants to continue leasing the object, buy it or return it. This is increasingly important in times of rapidly changing production conditions, product cycles, market requirements and technical developments.
  • Value added tax
    In the case of leasing, the VAT due on the purchase price in the case of purchase, loan and hire purchase does not apply, as this is only charged on the leasing instalments.
  • Liquidity
    The entrepreneur can invest without using equity or debt capital, which reduces dependence on the house bank.
  • Balance sheet neutrality
    The leasing objects (machines etc.) do not appear in the balance sheet, only the leasing instalments are booked in the profit and loss account. The equity ratio does not change, thus no negative effects on the company’s rating.


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