The product

Liquidity through the sale of receivables

Factoring is a modern financing product independent of banks. You sell your open and not yet due invoices from goods deliveries and services against your customers to a factoring institute. Through this sale, these receivables are converted into immediately available liquidity. The factoring service providers usually pay out 90% of the purchased receivables.

Our service

As a specialist broker with proven experts in this field, we have extensive market knowledge of the providers in order to select the right financing partners for your business model and company.

Together with you, we determine your short-, medium- and long-term capital requirements. We break down these requirements according to bank-dependent and bank-independent variables.

Thanks to the strength we have built up in the market over the past 25 years, we are able to negotiate the best conditions and tailor-made solutions for you. Working with us as specialists saves you time and money and allows you to concentrate fully on your core business.

Your advantage

  • Greater financial leeway and more liquidity
  • Balance sheet reduction, improvement in key figures and thus better rating
  • 100% protection against bad debts
  • Competitive advantages through granting long payment terms
  • Use of supplier account and purchasing advantages
  • Bank-independent financing concept based on several pillars


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