The entrepreneur

GfK GmbH, was founded on July 12th 1994 in the Rhineland. Together with my partner Klaus Flück, we have successfully led the company into the new millennium. In 2001 we started our international company for the “Austrian market” and the neighbouring countries. In 2006, a brokerage company was founded in Glarus to serve the “Swiss market”.

In the nineties, globalization did not stop at credit insurance. Trade became more international and was characterised by incredible dynamism. Roger Gilmore and I personally were fascinated by the idea of founding the first international network for credit insurance brokers. So in 1999, together with three other European partners, this first international network “ICBA” was born. Due to different philosophies, we left ICBA in 2014 and founded a sustainable, contemporary network “FAROSOL”. This network is generally broader and deals with financing topics and credit management in addition to credit insurance and guarantees. Since the foundation of FAROSOL, I have held the office of President.

From the very beginning, social commitment and sports sponsorship have been close to our hearts. This is how our Nature-Life-Culture Foundation came into being on the company’s 15th anniversary. We were already sponsoring nature and environmental projects when the topic of sustainability was not yet being discussed.
The passion and interest for art and culture that I have in common with some of our business partners has led to a new project – the trade in paintings and art objects, or the leasing of art objects. More soon on our homepage.



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