Wood & Paper Industry

Wood is one of the most versatile raw materials. We see this in producing paper, cardboard, furniture, and wood products for the construction industry. Wood is always directly linked to environmental and climate protection.

GfK has supported the wood and paper industry for many years in guarantees, with state forests and the forestry industry, around financing and credit insurance, and already with sawmills and the wood processing industry. The most important branches of the wood industry are again the paper and pulp industry. The paper industry is a branch of industry that deals with producing paper, cardboard, and paperboard. It is a very international industry that is strongly affected by structural change. While papers for newspapers, printing papers, writing papers, and graphic products have suffered a dramatic decline in sales, there are increases in cardboard and paperboard, especially packaging.

The wood and paper industry has a very long value chain. Starting with the management of the forest and the sawmills to the end products, such as paper, furniture, windows, and doors. We support the entire supply chain – forestry, production, and processing as well as wholesale to the final end-user with financing, credit insurance, and guarantees.

Holz- & Papierindustrie

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