Fidelity insurance

The product

Secured compensation in the event of breach of trust

Fidelity insurance protects companies against financial losses caused by persons of trust through theft, embezzlement, embezzlement, forgery of documents, fraud, intentional damage to property or computer fraud, as well as damage caused by interference with the IT system by external third parties. The insurance coverage refers to own damage caused by trusted third parties, intentional damage to third parties caused by trusted third parties and damage caused by external third parties as a result of direct and unlawful interference with the EDP. In the case of risks caused by third parties, fidelity insurance coverages orderer fraud, bank data manipulation (phishing and pharming), identity theft (fake president, man-in-the-middle) and betrayal of secrets (industrial espionage).

Our service

Thanks to our many years of experience over more than 30 years, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on risks and the scope of coverage and carry out customised analyses in relation to your company. Through individual framework agreements with many insurers worldwide, we can guarantee a quick and uncomplicated conclusion at optimal conditions. We have special clauses that are exclusively available to you and are included in the contracts free of charge, such as the IT security clause (the first loss is reimbursed even if obligations could not be met), no halving of insurance sums in the area of cybercrime and unlimited retroactive coverage as well as, in many cases, the waiver of gross negligence.

Your advantage

  • No liquidity bottlenecks due to trust damages (advance compensation)
  • Balance sheet protection
  • Ensuring your ability to act
  • No cost-intensive legal advice and prosecution (cost protection)
  • Fast, uncomplicated help in the event of damage
  • Accompaniment through the digital and complex world


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