GfK Maskottchen


It’s 2020. We had planned many seminars and marketing campaigns in face-to-face; then everything turned out differently—the first lockdown was from 22 March to 04 May. My disappointed sales manager came to me and asked, how am I supposed to sell if I can’t get to the customer. We need something memorable, a mascot so that the business partners will remember us until it’s all over.

I took this as an opportunity to launch a worldwide call for entries among draughtsmen, caricaturists, and other artists via our partner, Kreativ Realisten.

For me, the bear was already decided. He is powerful, calm, courageous, sovereign, balanced, patient and helpful.
Like GfK, he represents support in orientation and a patron saint in difficult times, offering pioneering solutions during the crisis. The name “Falco” came about during trim cycling when I saw the documentary about the singer “Falco”.

The bear intens to help to bring a little joy into our theme and create a commemorative value.