We’re inspired by creative ideas,
eco-friendly innovations
for a green future.

The GfK Credit Insurance and Factoring Service Company is looking for unique start-ups and talents that drive ecological change in a lasting and innovative way. We make ideas marketable through our expertise, financial strength, and heart for the environment.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

The most conclusive participant will be rewarded with €15,000 and will be supported with up to €75,000. To make this innovation marketable, we are adding a founder support program on top.

Requirements for participation:

  • Your idea must have a sustainable, positive impact on the environment.
  • The more creative your concept, the better
  • Your idea should be innovative
  • Your plan should have a future-oriented approach
  • The uniqueness of the business idea should be a distinguishing feature
  • Eco-friendly measures are self-explanatory

Application documents:

  • Corporate profile/Corporate philosophy
  • Extract from the Register of Companies
  • What makes your company special?

We’re looking forward to powerful ideas and creative applications for 2024

Application deadline is the 31.05.2024

We sincerely thank our partners: