Cyber insurance

The product

Protection in virtual space

Most cyber-attacks occur through emails and/or hacker attacks, unfortunately, a daily danger. Cyber insurance is a combination of liability insurance, business interruption insurance and data insurance for self-damage and third-party damage arising from hacker attacks or other acts of cybercrime. So own damage, third-party damage and costs are coverage:

  • Own damage is damage caused by business interruption to company-owned data or property damage to telecommunication and information equipment.
  • Third-party damages are understood as the justified claims of third parties based on data protection violations, confidentiality obligations or copyright infringements and damages to third-party data.
  • The item costs include the justified claims of third parties based on these pre-described violations and the defence against unjustified claims.

Our service

Cyber insurance is a very young product, which has already experienced strong growth and will continue to grow strongly in the coming years. The know-how of many insurers and brokers is still limited. We, on the other hand, have been very intensively involved with the product, have held many discussions with insurers internationally, and have already designed framework agreements in some cases. In addition, we remain in constant dialogue in order to be able to provide you with the best possible, continuous adaptation and expansion of the framework agreements in the future. In addition, we advise you in advance by finding suitable IT and forensic service providers who can check whether your security systems are sufficient for cyber insurance or whether you need to take further measures.

Your advantage

  • No liquidity bottlenecks due to cyber damage,
  • Balance sheet protection
  • Support in finding the right IT service provider and forensic expert
  • Fast, uncomplicated help in the event of damage
  • Accompaniment through the digital and complex world
  • Assistance with the assistance services
  • Replacement of data on devices used for official and private purposes
  • Negligent employee behaviour is also coverage, as are targeted and non-targeted attacks.


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