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Project Group “SMEs and Sustainability” and “New Generation of Entrepreneurs

SMEs in particular are constantly faced with new tasks and requirements. While in recent years they had to cope with plant closures and the pandemic as well as with many data protection measures, in the next few years politics will shift to the topics of sustainability, ecology and climate protection. This will result in some drastic changes for small and medium-sized businesses, which will involve financing and considerable costs.

Especially with regard to the environment, ecology and nutrition, a new “young” generation is growing up. This generation is often very flexible, independently entrepreneurial and not afraid of founding a new company. Most of the time, however, the founders come from their field of expertise, such as technology or marketing. Here they need extremely competent advisors to finance the foundation and further growth, but also to avoid getting into trouble themselves through bad debts and a lack of information about countries and markets, especially at the beginning.

We, GfK, were one of the first insurance brokers in Europe to establish a project group “SMEs and Sustainability” and “New Generation of Entrepreneurs”. This project group explicitly deals with accompanying the structural change in the SME sector, promoting and supporting start-ups with an ecological and long-term perspective. We do not only rely on our own ideas, but also exchange ideas with clients who have already successfully implemented ecological concepts and sustainability. Our property insurance partners and other financial service providers are also involved time and again, as there are definitely links and interconnections, e.g. in the use of subsidies or KfW loans.

What do we want to achieve with this? For one thing, it is a completely new field of business. The credit insurers and factoring banks work mostly in traditional industries that they have known for years. Start-ups, recycling, new concepts, internet shops, all things that the traditional insurers and factoring banks are reluctant to tackle. A very exciting, innovative new market is emerging here, and it is also important to find new partners on the provider side in the financing and insurance sector and to develop new products together.
In addition, we hereby make our contribution to further promote sustainability, climate protection and fair trade by increasingly supporting and accompanying companies that have internalised this process!

GfK offsets CO2 emissions: Audited CO2 offset certificate 2021


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