Credit management

GfK Credit management

Within the framework of our “credit management”, you have the option of transferring your credit check to an experienced, external partner or supplementing your existing “credit management” in individual cases. GfK was the first broker to succeed in linking credit insurance with credit management. We have our own concepts here with existing credit insurance companies, and in some cases also our own products.


We combine information from credit insurers, factoring banks and credit agencies into our own “rating”. If you wish, you can also receive our credit recommendation. Our experienced staff (many years in senior positions at banks and credit agencies) also contribute their expertise and evaluate balance sheets. This unique collection of information and experience will round off your credit picture and optimise your decision-making processes.

Further information on our product variants

Second opinion
You have an existing credit insurance policy and have received a partial decision or rejection and would like a “second opinion” to possibly renegotiate.

No problem, second opinion domestic 50 to 100 euros, abroad individually according to country

Credit check without credit insurance
We check your risks and give our credit verdict, annual service fee plus credit fee, graduated prices according to quantity and volume.

Credit check with credit insurance
Many credit insurance companies accept the GfK Credit Verdict up to a bid limit of 100,000 euros. We make the credit assessment – you are insured, independent, neutral! In addition, we design and optimise your credit insurance policy.

GfK the future of credit management has begun!

Your advantages with our credit management

Your advantages when using our credit management at a glance:

  • Neutral credit check
  • Diverse high-quality resources
  • Experience is our friend
  • Acceptance of credit insurers
  • Secure turnover for your company


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