Credit insurance

The product

Well secured in the event of bad debt

Credit insurance is a form of protection for your receivables arising from the delivery of goods or services. In essence, it is an insurance policy for your outstanding accounts and protects you against bad debts caused by insolvency or bankruptcy of your customers, both at home and abroad.

Our service

Based on your debtor structure, GfK analyses the various options for taking out a tailor-made credit insurance policy for your company. The aim is to secure your receivables the best possible way and to negotiate sensible and possible contract extensions with the insurers, considering cost conditions in line with your needs.

In addition, we support your company in its day-to-day work in the event of insufficient limit underwriting on the part of the credit insurer, especially in the settlement of claims. With over 25 years of expertise, GfK has established and expanded its claims department in order to provide intensive support and assistance to our clients in the event of bad debt. This ensures professional claim handling aimed at accelerating the compensation payment by the credit insurer.

Your advantage

The protection of your debts outstanding, through credit insurance arranged by us, can become an essential building block in your business, through

  • A high-quality credit assessment
  • Process optimization of your receivables/credit management
  • Calculable insurance premium, instead of incalculable bad debt losses
  • Support in day-to-day business, especially in the event of insufficient limit drawings and bad debts
  • Improved rating with banks or extension of bank lines due to the hedging of trade receivables


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You receive these and many other benefits when using our free claim service

  • Higher claims settlement rates
  • Fast Compensation
  • Support in communication with the insurer