The foundation of Klaus Flück and Winfried Vogt is a private foundation of the two managing partners of GfK, Gesellschaft für Kreditversicherungsservice mbH. It was founded on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of GfK in Germany. The foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable objectives. Part of GfK’s profits are passed on the foundation and are used for our projects.

Foundation capital as fixed capital amounts to actually 10.000 €. It is not our intention to increase the foundation capital with interests and to finance the projects out of these interests like this is the case for the foundations of some tycoons. However, we are going to invest our company’s profits and we will also try to convince our partners and friends to provide funds for these projects

You will find further information below:

Stiftung Natur-Leben-Kultur
Mrs.  Frau Vogt
Fischerfeld 2
83334 Inzell

Sparkasse Rosenheim-Bad Aibling
IBAN: DE67 7115 0000 0020 0185 37



Permanent Projects

Support of paediatric heart centres

Support of the association „Fördergemeinschaft Deutscher Kinderherzzentren e. V.” situated in Bonn and other paediatric heart centres like St. Augustin. The foundation encourages projects  in the areas science and research, development aid as well as further and continuing training in the paediatric heart surgery sector.

FIRMM (Foundation for information and research on marine mammals)

The objective of this foundation is actively to protect whales and dolphins actively and thus maintain the living environment for all marine animals. There are research  centers and opportunities for human beings to meet marine animals at different sites at sea. In particular research is done on the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the most used shipping routes and the home to lots of whales and dolphins.

Charity golf tournament – GfK Invitational

Since its 15th anniversary in 2009 GfK has organised an annual charity golf tournament, where the entry fee of each participant is donated to the foundation. The participants can decide on the designated use of their donations. It is only possible to participate in the golf tournament with a personal invitation.

Foundation - Single Projects

Project Forest: Forest for Cologne

The purpose of this project is to do research in this area used up to now for agriculture. This is done in four sections each one dealing with different subjects like the “forest in the course of changing seasons”, the “energy forest”, the “forest suffering from climate change” and the “savage forest”.

Special project in 2012 / Humanitarian help for Japan
We have supported a number of organizations whoa are helping the victims of earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan. We have also helped organizations which have taken part in the immediate reconstruction of infrastructure (e. g. towns, roads and so on).