Fidelity insurance protects organisations against financial damage caused by persons in a position of trust committing theft, misappropriation, breach of trust, forgery of documents, fraud, malicious damage or computer fraud as well as damages caused by third parties intervening in the IT-system.

The following risks are covered by fidelity insurance / by asset protection:

  • Intentional damages caused by staff members (persons of trust)
  • Deliberate damage of third parties caused by confidant
  • Damages caused by outside third parties through direct and illegal interventions in the company’s IT-system
  • Manipulation of data via the internet
  • Identity theft forgery of documents
  • Misappropriation of corporate funds (by employees in charge with the accountancy)
  • Computer fraud betrayal of intelectual property  and much more

Our range of services

We analyse your internal organizational and operational structures in order to identify the areas of risk in your company. We find out if controls and revisions are performed sufficiently using our experience in this area. As a result we will identify your individual risk situation. Based on this knowledge the exact amount to be insured as well as the design of the contract can be  set. Furthermore, we will choose among our numerous insurance companies the one offering the best conditions and prices.

The conclusion of a fidelity insurance / protection reinsurance is advisable in the following cases:

  • Are your employees allowed to use the Internet, e. g. checking private e-mails?
  • Are your employees allowed to log themselves in into certain Internet communities?
  • Are your employees allowed to watch music videos via Internet or even download them?
  • Do you have important stock ?
  • Do you transfer money via online banking?

Your benefits

  1. Global coverage
  2. Calculable insurance premium instead of non-calculable losses
  3. Protection against deliberate damage caused by the Managing Director and board members
  4. Protection against damage caused by external personal / temporary staff
  5. Claims settlement even without identification of the person who has caused the damage