The Product

Factoring is purchasing of debts. In fact, it is a purchasing action and not a credit transaction.

The customer committs himself to offer his debts from deliveries or services for sale. The factor commits himself to buy all debts within the limits agreed and to give money in advance to the company. This is a means to convert debts into liquidity within short-term.

Our Range of Services

At present, there are more than 60 factoring banks in Germany. Some of them are specialised in certain branches or they offer only factoring when exceeding a certain turnover.

In accordance with your individual needs and wishes, we will select the appropriate factoring partner for you. We will prepare a detailed analysis of your debts and your actual debiting management in order to find out the most suitable factoring procedure. We will compare the factoring concept with alternatives of financing and will select the most convenient alternative for you. After signing the factoring contract, we will give you support - especially right at the beginning - in realising the factoring system, i.e. training of employees, electronic data processing connection.

Your Advantage

  • reducing the burden on short-term credit lines, better possibilities for middle or long-term financing
  • achievement of additional cash discount profits
  • financing matched to turnover
  • no need for classic credit securities
  • 100 percent claim protection
  • adoption of deptor management
  • debt collection