Credit Insurance

The product

The purpose of a credit insurance contract is to cover your outstanding debts and to protect you from losses caused by customer insolvency.

A credit insurance contract offers you two main functions

  • service and
  • security.

As far as services are concerned, the credit insurer will check the financial standing of your customer with regard to balance sheet, agency reports and bank information as well as using our experience in the market. Concerning the security aspect, the credit insurer’s responsibility includes the minimization of losses and to pay for the claims.

Our range of services

We will prepare and analyze various credit insurance options. This will result in a custom-made offer in order to fulfil all of your requirements.

As far as existing contracts are concerned, we will perform an annual review of all your conditions in order to achieve an optimum contract for your company. With regard to your daily business we will give you support when dealing with claims in our inhouse claims department. Furthermore we assist you in applying for extended limits in your day to day business.

Your benefits

Covering your outstanding accounts with credit insurance leads to the following benefits:

  • highly qualified credit underwriting
  • calculable insurance premium instead of non-calculable losses
  • debt collection worldwide
  • extension of the credit line from your bank covering your debts